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A Proven Reputation in Manufacturing, Fabrication & Installation

L.A. Brayer has developed an exceptional reputation as a high performance team, capable of meeting the requirements of nearly any major project in manufacturing and installation of structural steel and steel fabrication products. Our team is a highly efficient and experienced unit of workers, welders, operators and project managers, operating within a high tech facility allowing us to offer virtually any form of steel fabrication and installation.

Examples of our manufacturing services include:

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L.A. Brayer is a TransCanada Pre-Qualified Supplier for Structural Steel Fabrication (Fabrication Services – Fabrication steel CWB 47.1 Offsite).

Industrial Structural Steel

If it’s industrial structural steel, we can fabricate it. Our clients place confidence in L.A. Brayer fabricating all types of industrial structural steel to the most stringent quality requirements required by our clients.

Connection Design & Engineering

L.A. Brayer has relationships with several Engineers that are able to complete the connection design required to prepare fabrication drawings from IFC drawings to the satisfaction of the Owners Engineer. Our Engineers are registered across western Canada to meet individual project requirements and are able to provide a seal or stamp for Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Pile Caps

L.A. Brayer has supplied thousands of pile caps in Alberta. Our facility is able to produce plates up to 2.5” thick and any dimensions. If you need even thicker then we can source it.

Depending on project requirements, pile caps may be as simple as plain cut squares or circles, or include many other services including but not limited to adding a radius to corners, drilling holes, welding on rebar, welding on deformed bar, stud welding with Nelson Studs or equal, etc.

Nelson Stud Welding

Nelson studs and deformed bar have specific rules as per CSA W59 for welding. L.A. Brayer has supplied thousands of anchors welded to plates, angles, pump cans and more that all meet project specific requirements and code.

Plate Fabrication & Plasma Cutting

Our 10’x24’ plasma allows us to fabricate large and small plate projects up to 2.5” thick. A major complaint in plate fabrication is the issue with bolt holes in thicker plates. The taper in a plasma torch can cause holes to narrow at the base of the hole which makes it difficult for iron work. This results in extra time spent on site and time delays needing to ream holes.

In response to this, L.A. Brayer uses a Voortman plate drilling machine which drills all the holes in our plate so holes are consistent and there are no issues with bolts fitting once the material leaves the shop.

Module Construction

L.A. Brayer has fabricated structural steel for all types of industrial modules. Whether it’s a pump house, E-house, pipe rack or bridge, L.A. Brayer has the experience and capability to supply, fabricate and if required assemble the structural steel. We also provide many projects stick built for assembly by others to accommodate shipping envelops or our client’s specific constructability plans.

Pipe Bridges & Cable Tray Bridges

L.A. Brayer has supplied and installed structural steel for cable tray bridges as small as a few tonnes, to large pipe bridges approaching a couple hundred tonnes. L.A. Brayer is able to supply stick built steel for assembly by others, modular bridges for assembly by others, or a mix depending on the design and erection plan. If requested we can also work with lifting companies to arrive on site and install as required.

Pipe Racks

Pipe racks can be fabricated stick built, modularized, or as bents with the interconnecting steel shipped loose. Oversized loads are no problem for our partnered shipping companies.


Based on individual project requirements, structural steel skids can be detailed and fabricated as completed welded units or fabricated in pieces as stick built assemblies with bolted or welded connections. L.A. Brayer has experience assembling modules both at our shop and at client project sites or mod yards. For oversized skids we are able to work with heavy haul companies to ship oversized loads and can even use self-loading/unloading trailers to meet delivery and unloading requirements at the destination.

Access Platforms

From small access platforms to large metering skid platforms, we have experience supplying and fabricating the shipped loose or modular structural steel. All steel, handrail and grating can be coated as per client or project specific requirements.ion.

Pipe Supports

Whether it’s straight cut pieces of beam or HSS, T-posts, or complex supports with stiffeners and bracing, we have the experience to detail and fabricate any type of structural support. We are also able to supply any Neoprene, Teflon, or other isolation medium as required.

High-Tech Fabrication & Cutting Technology

Our facility utilizes a vast array of High-Tech equipment to help position us as leaders in the Structural Steel & Plate Fabrication industry.

Some of our equipment includes:

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Completed Projects

L.A. Brayer has worked with many major corporations in industry, providing essential services on many large scale projects and developments. To help portray the profound scope of our work, we’ve provided a list of recent projects showcasing who we’ve provided our services to, and the associated size of those developments.

Listed are only some of our recent major projects:


Project Size (Metric Ton)
Gibson West Pipe Rack Connection 500 MT
Cheecham Terminal 125 MT
Hardisty Terminal 55 MT
Christina Lake Lateral Project 40 MT
Athabasca Line 4 Trap Modification 25 MT


Project Size (Metric Ton)
Mackay River 5B2 Pipeline 260 MT
TRO Pump Modules 100 MT


Project Size (Metric Ton)
Fort Sask Brine Upgrade Project 110 MT


Project Size (Metric Ton)
Hardsity Terminal 225 MT
Grand Rapids Project (GRP) – Heartland 180MT


Project Size (Metric Ton)
Bantrel Hangingstone Project 515 MT

Exxon Mobil

Project Size (Metric Ton)
Kearl Lake KTDE Modules 745 MT
Kearl Lake KEP Modules 1,400 MT

Access Pipelines

Project Size (Metric Ton)
Lac La Biche and Smoky Lake Stations 205 MT


Project Size (Metric Ton)
Kiwigana 390 MT

Spectra Energy

Project Size (Metric Ton)
Dawson Plant 85 MT

Laricina Energy

Project Size (Metric Ton)
Laricina Germain Project 140 MT


Project Size (Metric Ton)
Fort SK C3 Train Addition 180 MT

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